Fix and Flip Bought from the Foreclosure Sale 7/5/2017


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I bought this house from the local public trustee foreclosure sale on 7/5/17. The home was occupied and I just saw the interior for the first time today! I rarely get houses at this sale, but I think it being one day after the 4th of July thinned out the competition. The home is 2 beds, 1 bath, has a 2 car garage and a large lot. The house needs at least $40,000 in work and the ARV will be around $225,000 or more. Make sure to check out my playlist for before and after fix and flips to see videos on almost all of my flips.

Here is the after video:


  1. I got drunk once….I mean really drunk! I was Blackout drunk!….Woke up in a house just as bad as this, laying on a piss and blood stained mattress next to a very nasty toothless woman with greasy hair and moles all over her blackhead encrusted face. As I eased out of the bed searching through the filth for my clothes I noticed a filthy pair of shit stained panties laying on my boots. I tried to ease out of bed as not to wake this creature but no luck…she awoke! Smiling up at me with what few yellow and brown teeth she had left she asked if I was staying for breakfast. I GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE! Every time I see a house in this condition that vivid memory resurfaces!

  2. Yeah I'm not sure why everyone says and surprised of how much you paid for the house. But the fact that it the amount of land and sits on the house the big garage the shed Etc is already there and it seems like you've got a pretty decent deal especially the fact that it's in Colorado. I really look forward to seeing the before and after pictures

  3. Whats your estimated time for completion? Are you going to do another video so we can see it all fixed up? I'm curious to see what it sells for! 🙂

  4. Greeley CO ? Looks nice. Knew a guy that tried flipping in this area back in the 80s and got stuck with a bunch of homes when a recession hit.


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