Fix and Flip Frozen Pipe House Before the Repairs Bought 6/15/2018


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This house was bought for $212,000 from my direct marketing campaign. It needs a lot interior work but is in decent shape on the exterior. The property was completely remodeled a few years ago but had a flood after pipes froze on the interior. Most of the interior of the home has been gutted after a water restoration company cleaned everything up. The house will need drywall, kitchen, baths, flooring, and paint. However, much of the electric, plumbing, and HVAC is newer. I am estimating we will spend about $50,000 on the repairs and hope to sell it for $350,000.

The home is on over an acre of land and has outbuildings on it as well. The previous owners actually used one of the outbuildings for a grow operation. They are still moving things out of that building and will give up possession of that shop in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Fantastic and unique property. That crawl space below the house will be key for replacing all the galvanized with freeze-proof Pex. Once rehabbed, you can tell prospective buyers that all the plumbing has been replaced with plastic to avoid another catastrophe. I like your idea about the door upstairs for bathroom access but with everything exposed, why not add another WC in that huge bedroom upstairs… would add value.

  2. Nice property, looking forward to seeing this one in progress and complete! Where is this? I'm in loveland about a couple miles west from that wonky sprawling house you tried to make sense out of a few yrs back!

  3. I actually think if you hurry up and remodel this one, you should get at least $400,000 minimun. The prices in colorado for a four bedroom house are crazy and eventually they would stop increasing, plus the type of person that would buy this house was obviously looking for something like this and would pay a little bit extra for it. You hit the lottery with this one. Smart move my friend.

  4. Mark, thanks for all your videos. I have a question for you. Do you invest in rentals in other states or cities too? and also is it possible for Canadian citizens to get financing on rental properties in US?

  5. This one is going to look cool when it’s finished! Any plans for the out buildings or just clean up the yard around it?

  6. Don't get how u can do it with no money as you need make MABE a minimum of 20k if you can find a house that cheap and you can't loan that much NOT EVEN MENTIONING THE RENOVATIONS


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