Fix and Flip Real Estate – Pros & Cons of Flipping Homes


What are the pros and cons of fix and flip real estate? Steven Michael Miller and I weigh in on both sides. Fix and flip requires massive knowledge, good experience and you need to be okay with losing money. There are something you are not in control of in the flipping game.

The more work and effort that you put into a property, the more risk there is that you didn’t think of something. In this episode we talk about how to look at a potential investment property with the criteria of time, effort and money, and our advice on fix and flips.

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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  1. Hi, would you guys have an opinion on the best prices and best time of the year to buy a house. Thank you!

  2. if i were to ever flip homes, the only reason id wanna do it myself or be involved is cuz hopefully itd be cheaper that way lol, but flipping homes is lame anyways compared to what else is our there

  3. Hey kris, I've been saving up and by the end of next year I should have 10,000 for a down payment. I've been working for my dad doing construction for years, but the problem is he pays me under the table so I don't have a proof of income or pay any taxes. I have my 3 lines of credit but would I have to get on payroll to get a loan or just save for a bigger down payment? Thanks in advance.

  4. Just bought the limitless seminar ticket in Provo, Utah. Coming from Florida. Can’t wait to meet you and your team and learn more!

  5. Hey Kris, I'm getting set on getting married in the next year. Between the two of us, there's about $25,000 a year. I'm still in school, but I was wondering if it's feasible to be able to buy and manage a house while we have little money. What would be any tips or advice you'd recommend?

  6. We build high end custom homes, but started out doing fix and flip (just a few). The reason we moved into building new was that it's way to time intensive to find deals. There's also a huge amount of understanding/expertise to do the fix and assess the deal. The biggest challenge is the competition. Anyone can get into it, there are a lot of guys doing it and you're competing against all of them.


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