Flip That House – San Diego


Kristian and Blake flip houses in San Diego.


  1. The only thing I disagree with, and would have given them a big return on their investment, is a standup shower instead of the ugly tub with sliding glass doors.

    There was room for a standup shower with a sliding glass door in that same spot.

    Not many people still soak in tubs.

  2. Nice! No manufactured drama. This is more educational and realistic than most flip shows. There's no glamor on this show. The upgrades are boring but realistic. Sad outcome, though. I literally gasped at the profit they made.

  3. Least these brothers are not into squeezing and ripping off their tradesmen like that other Texan dude Chris Monteglio (or something)

  4. Hummm…Is flipping houses allowed in all states..Gee how come you never hear that teeth grinding¬†promotion by Than¬†in Vermont?

  5. if they'd make a new show called ''Flip Wilson's – That old House'' and starred an ''up-n-coming'' blk comic doing a good Flip Wilson impersonation … I think we'd have something here!….. cuz the staging here is way under the top

  6. shit … I can make a way better mess in a house comletely UNSTAGED …. AND free of charge ! heh he … (coughing / spitting) ah!


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