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Flip This House http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com Flipping Houses For Beginners and strategies to wholesale houses unconventionally. Real estate investing has many different exit strategies and you have to pick the right strategy that works for you. Real estate investors understand that you must be an expert at finding motivated sellers leads. It is crucial to your real estate investing business.

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  1. how are there properties so cheap in america? seriously? it must be in the middle of freaking nowhere. in australia, rundown properties in far off country towns are still $80-$120k. just nuts

  2. I'd like to know what your net was; after commissions on both sides and after paying vacant property insurance and utilities while you held it. That would be helpful.

  3. Where did you get and what do you mean by "private money"? It must be borrowed right? Or from a bank loan since you said it is not your own…

  4. I know… to many people, it's just business. You try to keep emotions out of it. But I believe you can earn a living and still be fully respectful of others, even if they are different than you are (perceived lower-class). You chuckled and laughed several times while you were discussing the lady's living situation. There was NO reason for you to go into any level of detail about how she lived/lives. You could have simply said. "the property was in very bad condition." We would get it.

    She is a person; a human being. Show compassion for everyone. We don't know the problems she has faced or is facing in her life. Imagine if that was your mother – you would't want someone on YT talking about her. Earn your money while showing respect for others. Please.

    There's a reason why real estate investors and agents, when surveyed, are viewed as unfavorable (right down there near politicians). That bad reputaion could be changed with more of you (generic) practicing better business ethics and showing respect.

  5. You forgot one small detail: you have to pay back the $6500 you borrowed. So really, you only made $3941. If you made that in even a month, you made an average wage essentially.

  6. Well, you mention private investors, but in my country is actually difficult to get those because the rate of scams is exxxtremely high. And the ones willing to give the money will actually kill me if I don't pay back !!

  7. #Apollo Introvert thank you so much your videos have inspired me to flip a house im 17 i have 20k saved up and im about to start my first flip in the next month or so @Dre Oblivion


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