Flipping Homes with Grant Cardone and Sterling Anderson


In this edition of Ask the Pro, Grant Cardone interviews Dennis “Sterling” Anderson about the process of getting started making money in single family real-estate. In Miami, the market is flooded with condos and property taxes and HOA fees can eat you up. With Dennis not familiar with the Miami area, they look at case examples in Omaha, NE.

The key takeaways are that you have to do your research at the beginning, which includes knowing your market. Go to realtor.com or Zillow and start searching, and maybe even find a broker to talk to. The point is you need to collect data first. Once armed with data you can then approach a seller and use data to back up why you are giving your offer. Dennis looks over every detail, crunching numbers and looking at repair costs before presenting his case.

When it comes to making money on flipping contracts with single family homes, Dennis Anderson knows what he’s doing. Learn from him and check out the Sterling Report on grantcardonetv.com



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