Flipping Houses For Dummies


Flipping Houses for Dummies http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com If you want to know how to start flipping houses for Dummies, this is a great training video. Its not really for dummies, but for new real estate investors who want to know how to get started flipping houses. Discover how to start flipping real estate and investing in houses today!

In this house flipping video, you will discover several strategies to profit in real estate investing as well as open your mind on how many investors retire rich with tiny income properties! Great ideas to show you how to start if you want to flipping houses and acquire income properties!

If you are new to real estate and you want to start flipping, it is good to start with the basics of a house flip. Do you want to Wholesale Houses, Flip Real Estate, or Acquire Income Property to Retire Rich? Decide with exit strategy you want to use for each property and it will make it much easier for you to succeed as an investor!

Many new investors start by watching TV shows like Flip This Houses or Flipping Vegas! This are great shows to get ideas, but sometimes the house shows make it seem really easy! Real Estate Investing can be very simple when you put systems in place, however it does require real work. And unlike what some of these TV shows tell you, there is no push button system to get rich overnight! No Matter what industry you are looking into.

If you are serious and you want to know how to start flipping real estate, take the first step today!

Start flipping houses with one on one real estate investing training. You can Flip a house in your own city with an advanced house flipping mentor.

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  1. care to share the situation of the home condition and if you did not touch the home in repairs or anything then you probably just assigned the home to a rehabber

  2. Check out my Buying Bank Owned Video. I sell many Fannie and Freddie's in the Portland Area.

  3. hello, I have been watching your videos for 6 days now and I'm continuing to all of them, learning everyday. your videos are full of great information and watching you teach us is great, I'm looking forward to joining soon, my plans are for November 2016 approximately, I will join the apprentice program and learn step by step what I already am learning from your videos, failing blows but failure teaches us to become more successful through the mistakes we make but having great mentors is key to breaking through fear. I'm in transportation now as my career but I absolutely need a change in my life and joining your program is my way to a positive wealth building system for a better life. thanks for your patience and teaching videos. I look forward to being successful in real estate.

  4. hey, love your videos! just a question on how to make sure you found a real private money lender and not some sort of fake or trap

  5. What do you mean when you say "Buy below the bottom" and is that easy to do for you? if so please let me know how you do this in todays market.

  6. I'm very interested in learning more about your "buying formula". Have you made a video regarding this?

    Thank you very much for your time.

  7. I have followed many people I just wanna find the right person in the right path and with a great price for the training i need, if it wasnt for you I would have hired a guy that is good too but I guess he dont want nobody to call him but his crew…if i wanted to talk to him for one hour on the phone it would cost me 5,000.00 dollars, I been studying for years now but never made a deal.. i dont wanna fail from the start..it takes time to make money I know that part, but I wanna learn everything you know, I seen ur videos and everything and i know u know what ur doing, I wanna do everything ur doing, like a nice newbee that I am I have questions like, when i find a property how am i gonna do repairs, find lenders and buyers, what cities and states are best, I wanna do this in houston TX, OH, Almost forgot how long the training last for $1,194.00 thanx


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