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Flip This House For Profit http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com Discover how to flip this house for profit. When you are ready to start flipping houses, you should know the top 3 exit strategies that you can use to profit. There are many No Money Down Strategies that you can use for each house flip and I would be happy to share them with you. Take a minute and watch this new case study on how to flip this house for profit. You will see the house flip before and what the house looked like after. You will also discover why I used the exit strategy that I did to flip this house.

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  1. i just found 2 places one for 6k and one for 9k i might get both of them fix it up and sell it as is, i would buy with my own $ is that a good idea?

  2. So what about inspections? What about when you buy a house for a "quick flip" and find out it needs a new roof, new plumbing, new electrical, new HVAC, the foundation is cracked and crumbling, etc?

  3. i am assuming you put the house under contract with no money down, did you get find the house yourself or did a real estate agent find it for you? in which care you have to pay like a holding fee of some kind. what happens if non of your exit strategic works out during the 45 days holding period and you have done all the rehabs on the house?

  4. where do you find properties like that, there nothing like that in my area if homes are selling 175k-200k and something in rough shape wont go forless than 140k

  5. Thank you again for the great video! I'm learning so much…
    One question I have is: If you can't find a buyer (in your example, the buyer was going to pay for the Flip Contract for $45,000)? Are you stuck with the house? Should you find a buyer first before you quick flip the house? 

    I also don't understand how you gained the Deed to the house without paying the seller the $33,000? You agreed to pay the seller, but didn't actually give them the money, how is that possible? How much time do you have before you pay the seller?

  6. I have a lender that willing to help me but I'm undecided whether or not I should because they're as kind for 12-14% interest rates and they are saying all payments are interest only made with balloon payments what is that? I'm lost

  7. Hi , i am a women and i would love to do this too :), love your vids you make it so easy! but i have some questions for you, when you are dealing with the owner of the house or the bank ? how is it possible to no money down doesnt the bank or owner first ask for money from you, how is the deal become between you and the owner or the bank?? what do you ask them or tell them exactly?? thanks for sharing!! btw are you a millionare yet? 😛

  8. Hey Duble Jay, there are a several ways to get started using no money down deals. As I shared in this video, you could do a simultaneous close, you could use a private money lender or a hard money lender based on the LTV or you could use the retire rich real estate method by using small local lenders who will do commercial notes based off of fixed up value.

  9. Very interested in learning all three exit strategies, currently I am focusing on one, the less risk strategy, wholesaling, but eventually I would love to master all three!!!!!!!!!1


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