Flipping Houses: Not for the Faint of Heart


Meet two seasoned house flippers who are always looking for the next hidden gem.


  1. Do like i do and just buy raw, vacant LAND. Then you can actually build something for LESS than it would cost you to remodel a crap house.

  2. I must say that I had low expectations to hear anything worth remembering from ABC Nightline on this subject. However, there were valuable nuggets and trade details that changed my mind.

  3. Antonio…I like your videos they are very informative and I will continue to watch and encourage my son to watch he is in Florida.
    Stay Humble!
    Stephanie Plummer

  4. I see a lot of negative comments about buying a flipped house because the quality of them are cheap. Personally I think that these comments are absolutely not true, you have to look beyond that the house has been flipped and get to know the people that rebuild them. I build homes in the custom home contraction buinsess and we also do big renovation jobs. When we get the chance to flipped a home or build a spec home we go above what homeowners would normally do without spending tons of money. After building homes for many years we know as to what can make big differences in homes without spending tons of money and we incorporate those designs we've learned into our flipped homes. Things such as adding extra details to window and door trim can make a major difference without breaking the bank.

  5. The tone in these women's voices is so offputting. People these days are not living in reality. The "I'm so rich and above getting dirty" accent.

  6. I live in a flip house. I rent it of course. The owner put over $100,000 into the property and could not sell it, so he had to rent it out. A lot of things are done half-ass way and very DIY. It is a very old house and despite all surface glossing still smells like an old butt :)))) I would never buy a property like this. But since the rent was only $50 more than my previous place, it's OK to rent, and the owner is not too bad to deal with.

  7. If you pay attention to those flipping tv shows you are very stupid , buy some books , learn how houses are built and what materials actually cost . Every job you can do yourself will save you thousands of dollars , contractors will rob you , nothing will make you better at a business then understanding it's elements and doing it with people you can trust .

  8. at 3:50, that guys pistol is jammed. Looks like a double feed. Someone please take the handgun away from that guy. Jesus Christ. Dumb motherfucker is going to get someone killed.


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