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Flipping Houses http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com Watch me flip this house! If you are interested in Flipping Houses and real estate investing, watch me as a flip this house in about 9 days!

When you are looking for a house to flip, always be on the lookout houses that only need cosmetic fixes. You can make more money flipping real estate when the houses just need quick cosmetic fixes.

Invest in houses that you can flip quickly. I dont recommend getting into long rehabs! For more tips and House Flipping techniques, go to:

Welcome to this short case study on Flipping Houses from MicoFormula.com. For those of you who want to flip real estate and maybe are just getting started, pay really close attention to the core elements of this recent house that I flipped for profit. I can’t stress this enough but one of the top secrets in flipping houses for beginners and even advanced investors is to flip houses that only need cosmetic fixes. So lets take a look at a recent house that I flipped and run through the examples of what went on. Now as a real estate investor, there are several reasons that you should jump all of this property right here. Number one, it’s attractive as you can see, it has curb appeal. It’s got a good roof, siding, its got the brick fassaude in the front. It’s just a really nice property. Number Two, it’s located in a good neighborhood. So in your area you will know what’s good and what’s bad, and this particular property, it was a really nice neighborhood. And number three, I’m going to show you in a minute, this was a 100% percent easy fix and flip. The cosmetic way, just the way you should do it. So this is the way that flipping should be, let’s take a look. On the inside of this pretty cosmetic property, the outside you just saw looked really clean and good, on the inside this was a one owner home. It was 40 or 50 years old and the owner just liked it the way it was. So as you can see there is a really heavy wear pattern in the beautiful green carpet, the walls are a little bit dingy and off base, they were kind of dirty in the other rooms and the light fixtures, you can see in some of these pictures that the light fixtures were 40 years old as well. Other than that, the bones of this property are really solid. So the cosmetic fix and flip on this was really simple. It was putting in new carpet, putting in new light fixtures and having the painter come paint. And then the only other thing that we did was we put updated door handles on the bedroom doors. That was it, let’s take a look at house this turned out.

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So this was the living room that you just took a look at, and what we did to change this and just add the cosmetic fixes, it really brought a brand new life to this entry of this property.

Let’s take a look at the lower level. Now the lower level had darker paneling, it had some carpet laid halfway through it, it wasn’t even attached it was just kind of laying on the tile floor. And it had some paneling and just I don’t know if you can see in the picture but it had wallpaper on it, we started taking the wallpaper down before this picture but it just kind of looks really dated right? This is a perfect example of a cosmetic fix. Well let me show you what we did and what you can do to change this dramatically with just carpet, paint and changing the light fixture. So if you see in that picture it looks like a brand new property. It really sparkles and pazzazes. The only thing is that carpet was laid brand new and it had footprints in it from being brand new, just hadn’t been swept yet, but other than that it really just changed the whole being of this lower property here.

And number three the kitchen. Let’s take a look at why this was the perfect fix and flip for a kitchen. Again you can see some of these cool delicious lights in here that we replaced but you see this kitchen and I want to show you the dramatic changes we did to this kitchen, are you ready? Nothing, all we did was clean the junk and debri off the top, out the inside of the cabinets, had the cleaners come in and clean it out and wash it down real good and that’s it, that’s all we did to the kitchen.

Now these are the houses that I get real excited about that aren’t complete tear outs and new kitchens and that kind of thing, but that’s all we did to this kitchen.

So if you are interested in flipping houses for profit, you can schedule a 30 minute private coaching session with me. Just go to MicoFormula.com schedule a time that works best for you and I’ll see you on your 30 minute private session. Go there now, http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com and register for your 30 minute private coaching session on real estate investing.


  1. Me and my mom wanna flip houses that are selling for 50,000 60,000 is it easier to buy houses that are already striped of the kitchen carpets and so on?

  2. With paneling like that, we used to always take it out. Now, we prime over it, keeping all of the grooving in tact on those larger pieces, paint it white, then put crown molding up in that room or at a minimum on that wall at the top. It really makes an aesthetically pleasing nautical or vintage feel to it. And it's also less waste and labor. Too many times I'm seeing buyers put in or want wainscoting or beadboard now so it's a hot cosmetic trait for selling. The dry and rough individual wood walls are a pain because you have to either rip them out, or bleach/milk wash them down to get them a less offensive neutral tone.

  3. Ok so when talking about the purchasing price, did yoh pay with your own money, the banks, or money that belongs to a private investor? These are the things that those who are interested need to know. What were the taxes that you paid and how much did repair cost?

  4. That kitchen was in good shape but it was bit dated. I would've stained it and put a new granite counter top and sink in. Minor update but bigger value added to the house.

  5. Character matters to many buyers…. you took out the paneling because it was "dated" but many of us want an original 1950s house with all its wallpaper and linoleum. Vintage is also beautiful. I want all flippers to know they for the most part ruin nice homes. It breaks my heart to see original victorians and craftsmans turned into sterile shoeboxes, all for the sake of profit and saving money on cheap materials. It should be illegal to deface historical homes!

  6. What about the bathrooms ? I'm sure a 40 to 50 year old house has worn out and out dated bathrooms if the living room was indicative of the the rest of the house !!


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