Flipping Your First Deal | Ep. 1 Analyzing the Deal


Christopher Gill, experienced house flipper, and serial entrepreneur takes you on the journey of flipping a house.

This in-depth and engaging series isn’t your generic flipping show.

Ep. 1 is all about analyzing the deal. Follow Chris to learn how he analyzes this property and stay tuned for Ep. 2 – Creating a Killer Floor Plan!

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  1. sometimes its best to just walk away. LOL omg. the whole house is slanted… like a fun house eh? your foundation is done

  2. I like extreme examples like this because it shows you more about what's possible. REALLY looking forward to the rest of the series.

  3. Must be free labor in Texas. Because you are absolutely insane if think you are going to fix a home of that size with that much distress for only $100k

  4. I love the concept, but wouldn't it be better to use a better house as your case study/example? Not many people would choose a home needing that amount of work as their first flip, nor should they. Why not use a more realistic house for a first time flip?

  5. Something tells me this ain’t his first rodeo!! He must be rich already to throw out those big numbers… and all in three months!

  6. What about the Texas climate change in the next decades though? Some predictions estimate Texas to have less water and more heat? Cincinnati has been getting more green December grass and less snow days in last 30 years.

  7. Are certain houses historic or is it more of whole neighborhoods that are historic? Is there a way to search if a property is in a historic district?


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