House Flip Complete After a Massive Remodel Bought 8/23/2017


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I bought this house for $110,000 sight unseen from the MLS. There were tenants in the house and I thought it could not be that bad if people are living there. I was wrong!!

You can see the before video here:

The house had foundation problems, roof issues, and much more. We ended up replacing windows, doors, kitchen, bath, flooring, drywall, electrical, paint, plumbing, the roof, siding and much more. I think we spent around $60,000 for everything. We also completely changed the floor plan. We will have about $15,000 in carrying costs and selling costs. We are listing the house for $207,900 and should have offers right at or above asking price. Not a home run but we will still make money after a huge remodel!


  1. Hi I am a new subscriber to your channel loving what I see so far the restoration of the houses are done well

  2. Hi Mark! I noticed the wood burning stove is gone, do you ever keep features like that? Is it or is it not worth it?

  3. Simply amazing flips. Really like the content you make. Glad you don’t edit your videos every 3 seconds like other people lol

  4. Wow! They did a great job. A complete new house really. I can understand the stress behind the time limit. Nevertheless, I've noticed that several of your purchases unseen do to tenants occupancy have turned out to be complicated flips. Perhaps, and I'm just saying "perhaps", it would be a win win if you purchase these types of flips with more time allowances. All the work put into this flip was a lot for the time allowed while at the same time, the contractor is working on other of your flips. They will wear out and quality of work will decrease to meet with the time allowance. They do a great job. Good contractors that would work this fast are hard to find and keep. This is hard physical work. This flip looks great and I agree with you that they need to come back and do the touch ups. Great video. Thanks.

  5. Welcome back! The house looks great. I like that you are going to do video's with the before and after. Looking forward to it.

  6. When I watch your videos I think of a young guy straight out of college. But when you revealed your face you've been in the business for years. Shocked.

  7. Thanks for the new video. Been waiting for this. Good job mark. Keep up the good work. I am investor from St.Louis MO.


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