House Flipper – Episode 2 – First House Flip


Join me in House Flipper as I flip my first house!

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  1. I need a fan 2 if not I stay up all night its nice to know that I'm not the only one ps keep up the great work

  2. Too many different colors clashing throughout house, should have done the wood floor throughout kitchen and main room

  3. Buggs I wanna make a couple suggestions maybe next time make the room bigger you could of destroyed the wall between the front door and the kitchen to expand the room and next time add more details like paintings and flowers keep up the great work!

  4. Just bought this game today after watching the two vids and I dig it. That damn squeegee is driving me nuts though!

  5. LMFAO I'm dying they're response was "It comes as is" LMFAO I can't stop laughing at that holy crap!!! And yeah it is a prick thing to say, but a hilarious thing to say the way so said it! I love all of your videos and keep making more please!!


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