House Flipping Before and After – The Renovation on the Escondido Project is Complete!


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The renovation on my latest house flip in southern California is complete! In this episode, I take you on a final walk through throughout the entire house, which includes before and after shots, just before I put it on the market.

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  1. I'm so careful to whom i listened from..your so inspiring,so honest, learned a lot from you..all the best from mikmos homes

  2. Thank you so much for the cost estimator! Now, how do I find someone to work with? I keep wanting to flip houses, but recognize I also need a partner. I am currently in interior design classes, hoping to graduate by the end of Feb (an online, go at your own pace deal)

  3. Great flip! My brother and I are looking to flip homes for the first time since we have some equity from our own homes purchased several years ago. Do you have a video on requirements for hard money loans or how to finance flip homes, etc..

  4. the kitchen island is overkill and actually interferes with getting back and forth. keep the divider but center the top piece. more room for kitchen nook area..bigger table. still an improvement!!!! nice house.

  5. Looks good! Just curious, do you prefer to do custom designs on each house or do you use the same kind of materials on most houses?

  6. I'm just watching to get ideas about buying an older house for myself to live in but gee, now I like the idea of flipping a house.

  7. I hate those sliding doors in the bedroom, they're the first thing to come off the track. Needed to be professionally staged.

  8. Should of gobbled up all open spaces with more storage. Like a smaller cabinet above the sink basin for the X-mass dishes or medical marijuana stash.

  9. Just subscribed.  found the video to be a rewarding and learning experience. As a disabled veteran, I have pondered, doing this, after my transportation company collapsed due to lack of delivery contracts, and extremely high taxes in CA, for small businesses. I am currently engaged in coffee import/export, and find it very lucrative, but the current political climate is already presenting obstacles. And being a 1970s child, lol, you were right on the money with your comments. My grandparents house came to mind. Thanks again, for the video lesson.

  10. I have a question , regarding your deal analyzer, what do you mean with first mortgage and second mortgage, Do you mean you buy 2 properties with one big loan? may you explain please. Second question, do you hire an experienced contractor to evaluate the home repairs before you buy a home? how much you pay him for such estimation? thx

  11. The biggest problem for the flipper is to know what needs to be done so a potential buyer can get bank loan approval. Do you recommend that a professional home inspector check for material defects, health and safety issues, work order items and insurance binder concerns? That would help get a clear idea of problems and related expenses. This would help when filling out your spread sheet.

  12. good info, straight to the point. earned a sub. What's your best way to find deals? using a realtor for REO? i went to a 3 day REI Academy and now I'm looking to buy my 1st property but don't want to make costly mistakes

  13. A fantastic job! I love it! I'm buying a similar 1970 house from a flipper. He didn't do as good of a job as you did. Instead of replacing the original kitchen cabinets, he painted them, and left in the old tubs and toilets. And, he didn't add recessed lighting. He made no structural changes, but thankfully the house already had an open floor plan. He did, however, replace the roof, all of the wiring, doors, drywall, resided the house, and it has new double-pane windows. Plus, he painted the interior in light gray and white, which was exactly what I wanted. So, overall, I'm happy and anxious to move in. Such remodeled houses are selling on the same day they're listed in my area. I was lucky that I caught mine before it even went on the market.

  14. You are so on point with your observations about "what people like". You must have worked in real estate previously or?


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