House Flipping – BEFORE – Restoration Easy Money!


Here we are doing a house flipping for easy money. This time we took 6 weeks with 4 hard worker guys.

Addition was redone, roofing, paint, restoring

Everything for good profit.
This is the Before video, like and subscribe to get to the After video. Thanks


  1. Where is the home located? Just the state and general area?
    I wish you good luck doing your rehab!
    Depending on where the home is located, you may have paid just a little too much.
    Nice yard, good size.

  2. I hope this place is in a rich area the only thing I see a value is the land and then you're putting trailer windows in there

  3. I'd say thats a good 40-45 grand for the lot the house isn't worth shit, I mean there's holes in the door that you could fit through you'd be better off sleeping in a tent.


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