House Flipping Shows Are Not Realistic. We’ll Do A Real One!


Some TV shows that involve house flipping are not realistic and make our job as contractors harder because of the expectations viewers now have.

I’m not against house flipping shows, I think they are great for TV. However, it’s hard for me to believe that some of those projects are actually done for the price they say, especially since I do this work everyday!

We decided that we would find a house to flip in our area, determine a budget, and document the entire process to show you what a real house flipping project is like.


  1. It's TV everything is fast forwarded and they get everything at some low price or a steal deal! Yes, the person is a contractor but what the average Joe Builder can do vs. TV, Joe Builder will lose everytime! Realistic flipping is long and costly if you don't have the right licensed contractors, permits, good building resources…

  2. i really appreciate this video, I'm currently pursuing my Realtor brokers license, i thought about flipping houses once I've had some experience under my belt. but I've slowly started to see it might be just as profitable if not more to just buy the land build a new home with quality work and sell the home from my realtor company. thanks i appreciate the video.

  3. Seems like there should be more emphasis on insulation, energy and water saving features when people remodel…….
    Water conserving landscaping, Energy Saving HVAC, roof walls and attic insulation, air leak sealing, setback thermostats, LED light bulbs, LEED certification, energy saving appliances, ………..
    Climate Change is real…. we need to all do what we can to save energy and water.
    Save energy = Save money


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