House Flipping Tips – Before and After Pictures


House Flipping Tips Get ready for house flipping tips and check out the before and after pictures of this house flip. See the best shows to help you flip more houses for profit.

If you are just getting started flipping or perhaps you have already done a house flip, take a look at this. I will show you a secret sources of deals that are free to you with the click on a mouse. You can flip these houses by wholesaling to other real estate investors or you can fix & flip them to a retail buyer. Either way, this is the best house flipping show and its free!

I am going to walk your through this property, show you the before and after pictures, and sprinkle house flipping tips all throughout, just for you.

If you have ever watched a tv show like Flip This House, take a look at how an average real estate investor does real estate investing.

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  1. Hahaha York Diamond 80 lol good thing there's a fire place. I also would've swapped spots with the stove and microwave with the fridge do to when the fridge is open no one else can get thru the doorway…

  2. Great job man it came out really nice for 2 weeks of work , but how long did it take you to sell it? More then 2 weeks ?

  3. I can't believe you put that ugly carpet in the utility room. You should have put the money into finishing the basement ceiling instead. The rest of those basement should have been painted and cleaned up. And I hope the wiring was updated. Overall though, you did a good job.

  4. Great video. I've done a few flips myself… but here's what I don't understand. Why put carpet in? No one is really looking for carpet in homes anymore unless its the basement. 10-12mm laminate finishes look great these days! Additionally, why put in a 90's looking kitchen? The kitchen doesn't seem very modern or updated at all.

  5. Heh i wish I could find homes that are this easy to fix out here in Northern Kentucky. The only homes I can get foreclosure wise are 10 x's worse than the property shown in the video.

  6. Thanks so much for this information, I have signed up for your free series. Do you have more information on using hard money lenders?

  7. You mentioned closing fees and such coming out of the profit but how much taxes would come out of 48k if you flip a house like that?


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