How Much Money Can you Make FIx and Flipping Houses?


More information on flipping houses here:

I have flipped over 120 houses since 2001. I have sold 11 flips in 2016 so far (August) and bought 12 more. I have 11 flips I am working on and love the business! Flipping is not easy and it is not quick money either. It takes time to learn the process, but you can make a lot of money doing it. I average about $30,000 in profit on every flip I do.


  1. can you comment on the viability of "subject to" transactions where the seller transfers the deed and the new buyer takes over payments on the existing loan in violation of the mortgage terms? I am trying to find out how frequently lenders act on the 'due on sale' clause – assume for hypothetical case that the current loan is at an interest rate above the current market. Thanks


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