How to Analyze a House Flip w/ Anson Young | Deal of the Day


Learn how to analyze a house flip the right way with real estate investor and author of the newest BiggerPockets publishing “Finding & Finding Great Deals”!

Join us live (7/5/17) and learn the A-Z’s necessary to become a successful house flipper!

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  1. I've been researching to get into this business for about a month now and this is the best informative video so far thank you Mr Young I'm going to join biggerpockets and go to one of their events in my area thanks again

  2. Thanks for producing this video. Do you guys use architects or do you use a software program and create the plans yourself?

  3. Hey Anson, just getting around to watching this video and I have a question regarding how you used the calculators. So you broke down three different financing scenarios. I was wondering which calculator did you use for each scenario because I"m seeing the calculator title – Flip Calculator, however, when I go to the site, I'm only seeing Fix & Flip and BRRRR. Also, what numbers/items did you change in each scenario to get each MAO within the scenarios. Hope you see and respond soon, thanks

  4. Dr. Young Good stuff man,,,, Hey here in his video, you have a 79% deal…If you are using hard money, HM points, fees, draws, etc, (not private money) and if you are NOT a real estate agent, and budget a 5 month holding cushion, I think you have to stay with 70% deal, to formulate a sleep at night offer……It doesnt matter what state market you're in.

  5. I eco the shorter views. & a video on how to drive around a neighborhood to take a look at its health, would be very helpful & but please bore people first so it doesn't go viral

  6. I'm not even threw the entire video, and it has answered so many questions for me. Kind of shows some of the smaller details and finer points. Thank you very much


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