How To Become A Millionaire – Dave Ramsey Rant


This is how to become a Millionaire. Dave Ramsey who is a multi-millionaire himself, lays out the steps to build up a million dollar net worth. Building wealth is not complicated especially if you start early.

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  1. I have been doing an actual written budget the last 3 years. I save so much and I always say if I could just put the cigarettes down I would have $240 more a month. Roughly a carton a week.

  2. I’m currently 16 years old Does anyone have any tips on how to convince my dad to let me have a bank account with compound interest ?

  3. 12% is a little high — let's say 8% (average return) – you'll need to save $325/month over 40 years to have $1M. That's way more realistic. I can contest – this works. I saved more than $325 over 30+ years.

  4. If I save $100 a month from now until I am 65 years old, that is only $28800. A nice chunk of change, but I would not retire as a literal millionaire.

  5. Why has he turned into a yelling talk show host? I mean I took his classes and I don't think he was that way when he first started. It's hard to listen to. It sounds like he is trying to be someone he is just not.

  6. I can't wrap my brain around this math.. 100 bucks every month for forty years with 12% refund do not turn into one million one hundred seventy six dollars.. it hardly gets to half a million. Please, explain


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