How to Find Your First Property to Fix & Flip


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One of the hardest parts of getting started in the fix & flip business is finding your first property. In this episode, you’ll learn how to best approach this critical aspect of the business as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

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  1. I am curious if and when you are taking on new students Pat ? I haven't been able to find any of your video series at the beginning when you go over how to build a team, who is on this team and most importantly how you find deals through wholesalers.

  2. hi this is sam barakat i found a small problem with the deal analyzer that if you accidentally type a number in boxes that you not spouse to type anything in it will cause some problem i did some modification on it and i looked that aria if you send me your email i will sen it to you. and thanks for the spread sheet

  3. Hi my name is Tim, and I`ll admit that I am not very good at repairs and fixing houses, and I live in CT which I do not really see as being a hot market, but I am willing to travel a bit to find what I am looking for. I am shopping around for some good sources that I can learn from, and some honest feedback. It could be that flipping house is not for me.

  4. You're already a success Joy-Joy, now you just need a house to flip. Thank you for the nice comments. My goal in this forum is to empower those people that want to change their work life into a new direction, which will also encompass other miracles you didn't anticipate. Keep the faith!!!

  5. I appreciate the way Pat breaks down the different steps necessary in a successful purchase.  In other videos  he invites us to 'his house' and helps us understand in practical ways, how his method works.  He is very encouraging in his teaching style and we can 'see' the finished product.  This video and others he has posted, causes me to think that it is possible for us, his viewers, to succeed, as well!


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