How to Flip a House Damaged by Fire – Extreme House Flipping Part 1


In How to Flip a House Damaged by Fire – Extreme House Flipping Part 1, house flipping brothers Dave and Rich and other family members are flipping a house that was in a fire. The furnace blew up and burned a major portion of the roof away. This renovation will take 12 months to complete. We plan to take off the roof, tear the walls down to the studs and rebuild everything including electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

In Extreme House Flipping Part 1 of The Fire House Series, Dave and Rich show the home in the dilapitated condition it was in when they purchased it.

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  1. I saw the final video. You guys did an awesome job! You didn't just renovate a house–you built a house. Do they know what caused the furnace to explode?

  2. Unless you know what you are doing, best not to start. Many "flippers" are getting mesothelioma from removing asbestos.

  3. maybe you should watch the full episode of it they didnt just flip the house they also have a safety inspection… 1/3 of the house was removed…

  4. nice bonsai forest! good luck with that sucker Dave and Family!!! NOW THAT IS A PROJECT. someone needs to call TLC or Discovery…this flip is insane.


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