How to Flip Houses – Getting Cash Buyers for Free Using Zillow!

66 – In this video… Daniel Wiafe a.k.a. the House Flipping Ninja shows you… how you can find cash buyers in your area in the next 10 minutes… for free… using Zillow & your local tax county assessor’s website.

This is definitely a NINJA tip for you new house flippers & wholesalers! Make sure you LIKE this video & subscribe to the channel!

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  1. Thank you so much for this video. It will speed up my search for cash buyers. Looking forward to seeing future information.

  2. How can I view the same data you see? For some reason I am not able to see any info other than the house info. Thanks

  3. what do you do if when you go to your tax assesor website located in your city and county and none of the houses copied and pasted popped up?

  4. it says zillow but hes using freedomsoft which is 200/month. Am i wrong? Still feel this is VERY valuable

  5. Dude your awesome thanks for the tip… I just got my first phone call today. After watching this video, I feel so much more confident now.

  6. -_- you made it seem like freedomsoft gives you the cash buyers phone number it gives you nothing but name or company name, and zillow only helps if you can send direct mail.

  7. Please My name is Woodie Jr Roten and I am Disable and trying my heart out to 

    get back on my feet. Please Help me. I just starting to learn how to flip Houses, but 

    I don't NO Where to find buyers for the property that I'll find Please Help me. I 

    can't help to beg, but I am not to good to beg. I NO the Lord will help me find some 

    Mentor that cares and I will give you my promise if you help me and when I 

    become successful I will help someone else. My address is 482 Buzzard Roost Rd. 

    Bulls Gap, TN 37711 and email is: my phone is 423-

    523-2369 Thank You & God Bless Woodie


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