How to Flip Houses in 2018 (FREE TRAINING)


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  1. Brother Daniel, my name is John and I love your content on YouTube
    I'm an investor in Texas
    And I need help getting rid of bulk property(12 homes for $330,000. I was wondering if you would maybe send some buyers my way and if it leads to a sale I will definitely compensate you.

    Please get back to me

  2. Great video Daniel. I had one question regarding the double close. I know that when I’m assigning the contract I sign the Purchase and sales agreement with the SELLER and then I sign the Assignment agreement with the End BUYER. But during a double close I sign the purchase and sales agreement with the SELLER, then what Paperwork do I sign with the End-BUYER?

    Do I sign a normal purchase and sales agreement or is there another piece of paper that I need to sign with the End-BUYER


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