HOW TO FLIP HOUSES – No Money Needed! (The lies Gurus Have Been Telling You)


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In this episode of iFlip Friday we discuss the question: Do i need money to get started flipping houses?

This is one of the most misleading pieces of info when it comes to real estate investing. As usual, i speak the truth and the whole truth.

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  1. I knew I needed money even to buy a kit comes the info. Than Merrill has a kit he sales for 197.00. Its just good to have some money in the bank anyways. After selling my first house depending on what my profit is I will take over half the money to reinvest or just sit on it for a while.

  2. Just from your being honest and saying we need money im about to subscribe lol everyone else just says you dont need money and it makes no sense

  3. thank you for Onsted I know that was not true I took some class with some others person and yes we need money but just no a lot but yes we need to start.

  4. easy math,you always need money for everything.The problems is we spend the money in stupid things.We have to invest our money

  5. If you want some lines of credit to get started or we get you lines with rates as low as 0% interest up 12 twelve months. additionally, if you are looking for mortgages, we have loans specifically for real estate investment! No w2 or tax return needed. The property's income production qualifies for the loan. 888-505-3809


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