HOW TO FLIP HOUSES – Probate Real Estate Investing 101


Learn How My students and i are crushing it on a WEEKLY basis with flipping houses without even having to take ownership.

In this video we go through the basics of Probate Real estate Investing, which is my favorite lead source for real estate investing.

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  1. Hi Adura. Great video! My grandfather died and I keep getting letters for his property. We have all just been ignoring them. Anyway, where does the money come from to purchase the probate property, or do you treat it as a wholesale deal?

  2. Love your video! Question: Do you think is the best to search probates that are months older as opposed to the current date with the idea in mind they will be further along in the probate process? Resulting in quicker deals?

  3. The heirs can go to the lawyer to schedule to bring the estate out of probate, then it will be ready to be sold and then wholesale it to a end buyer. It doesn't have to finish being probated necessarily.

  4. whoa guy. probate laws vary differently from state to state. know your state and county probate laws. this doesn't apply If the deceased deeded the property upon death to heirs. you didn't mention if you checked to see if there were liens on the property. read obituaries in your local market…this will tell you if deceased died without a spouse. you can search County records to see if deceased owned property in a decent neighborhood.

  5. ok. Just went to the Register of Wills website and found a decedent property that last sold for 426k in 2013. Is the Real property taxation sites a good place to analyze the worth of a property?

  6. Good day Adura. Again thanks for the info. Just curious to your thoughts on pursuing bank-owned properties. thanks.

  7. Figure the process cant be much different years later. thank you for that info. it is exactly what i needed to know….


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