How to Flip Houses with No Money


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There is a lot of talk on social media, radio ads, and more about how to flip houses with no money. They all make it sound easy! It is not. In fact, it is almost impossible to flip houses with no money. Even if you are wholesaling you will need some money for marketing. You will also need money to live on while you work on getting your first deal. If you have no money, work on fixing that problem before you become a real estate investor.

There are ways to flip houses with less money like working with a partner, private money lenders, and some hard money lenders. Again, this is not easy to do as you must know what you are doing in order to get financing for flips. Here are some more videos on wholesaling and flipping.


  1. Mark, this is great practical advice. I flip homes as a hobby…..I live in my home for 2 to 3 years and look for the next. I have done this 5 times now. It has served me well. Let me make it clear my house flipping is more of a hobby. It is also a TON of work. Most of the work I do myself and some I contract out. I work full time at my DAY JOB!!! I wont be quitting that. I can say I have about 10 more years ahead of me and I wont have a house payment. The money I make is money I invest in my next home. Your advice is a tremendous help. Its important to know where to spend your money during a flip. Its important to be practical about the upgrades. You need a money to get started.


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