How to flip houses with no money—-Money Myth!


The biggest obstacle people have when it comes to getting started in real estate is believing the myth that they don’t have enough (or any) money to get started. This video will teach you why that belief is not true – There is more than enough money out there for you and more than enough people that WANT to lend to you.


  1. you say u do  not need any money all of the  hard money lenders I have  to talked want at least 20% down, so how can I get around that.  Gregory  Rustino

  2. I know a couple of people with millions. If they decide to let me borrow their money is it possible for me to flip a house. Would I need certain contracts?

  3. Hey mark, what i really dont understand is you say you dont need money to do this, but no hard money lender will give you money without like 20% down lol . im very confused. Should a bank with no money down be the option then? Thanks!

  4. in so broken from working hard for just scraps. in tired of eating the crums that fall from the table. I want to be the one at the table eating. help me.

  5. What's the most a bank will loan you to use to flip on a house? Some banks wont loan you money for house flipping because they claim its too risky. I can't see what the issue is because the loan is on your head anyway, so why won't they loan the money to you? I don't get that logic at all.

  6. Want to take on a new career path, really want to get into real estate..just don't know how/where to start. Any article or book you would recommend? Thanks!

  7. they only thing holding me back is the whole scare of legalities in a deal. I understand there is risk but I live in indiana and can't find if it is still legal to do double closings and reassignments. I may not be able to see your comment on here so shoot me and email at please! thank you and great video!


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