How to Flip Houses with No Money or Credit


Chris Goff, 2-Time Best Selling Author will teach you what real estate strategies you can use to make additional money… to building a huge local real estate investing business without using your own money or credit.

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  1. Also, you mention you knew a private investor. I get they probably completed many of your deals. What is your target audience for buyers and how do you find them?

  2. Worst case scenario, if you don’t sell the house (paperwork) within 6 months (based on example), do you actually have to cash out the seller?

  3. I am completely new at this, I don't have any idea where to start. Chris can you point me in the right direction on where to start and how to understand all this.

  4. Hi l really appreciate you sharing your knowledge on real estate with us newbys, but where can we find the contract for the deal on wholesaling?

  5. To put a house under contract you would need proof of funds or preaproval letter. So how did you get your first deal with no money?

  6. Chris, Thank you kindly for the prompt reply to my two others questions this evening, sir. Much appreciated! 🙂 In your opinion, is California a good state to be doing lease option deals, in 2017+? You mentioned Texas and Maryland having somewhat different laws, and I'm currently in northern California and considering possibly relocating to Arizona, etc., but perhaps not if these strategies will work better (and more profitably) in areas with a $600k.+ mean home prices vs. 1/2 – 1/4 of that. 😉 And do you think I can get 5% down as a lease option consistently, on $400.- $800k.+ average homes? Or would I do better (in the long run) at $10k. – $15k. down, doing more LO deals?? ( I also used to be a general contractor, but don't want to deal with 'fixers,' at present!)

  7. I seen that she is not really the owner but her mother and she has passed away. can I work a deal to rent or even take over this house to sell?

  8. Good Evening Chris! Quick question, does the potential buyer on lease option in terms will improve their credit score by paying monthly mortgage to the investor? If not how would you convince the potential buyer that in one year they would be able to buy full price by going to the bank? Thanks in advance!

  9. Chris,

    I am currently in the process of finishing up my pre license classes to become a realtor. I find myself paying more attention to your videos than the course material needed for passing the realtor test. My question to you or anyone else that can include some input is should I stay clear of becoming a realtor if I want to use the strategies discussed in this video, or will becoming a realtor be a useful tool to use along with these strategies? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  10. AWESOME CONTENT! Question: So how do you get paid with cooperative lease options? Do you still close with a title company? Does the seller/buyer right you out a check? [From Texas]


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