How To Flip Mobile Homes ✪ $40,000+ Profits ✪ 3 Deals


In this video John visits two active mobile home investors from South Florida. Stay tuned as we walk through mobile homes and cover investing lessons about buying, double closing, marketing and more. For more info please mosey over to


  1. Hey John,

    What about determining the ARV on mobile homes? Is it possible? Or would you have to use the LTV? Not sure how to come up with an adequate offer on a mobile home that's for sale for $9,000

  2. Thanks so much for your quick detailed reply. I guess I was thinking about closing attorney for a regular home. Who pays & how much as a whole sale investor. I'm new to all this. Trying to learn whats all legal & illegal. Thanks again

  3. Man I wish I could find those kind of deals. In my area (south Texas) it is impossible to find a double wide 4/2 in decent shape for under $10k. Something like that is always going for $30k+

  4. Could you elaborate on how to get a contract with just a $100 earnest money. How would that conversation go etc.? Where was this contract sourced from? How long did that contract give him to find another buyer to reassign it to before he had to act on it or loose the earnest money? Finally how did he find someone with 28,000 cash to put into a manufactured home when it had been on the market for some time and listed for much less?

  5. Your videos are great! We are brand new to this way of working. Quick question. when you do a quick flip asking the sellers price and adding 1 to 2 k to that, what documents do you recommend? thanks

  6. Hey John. I've watched a few of your video's this morning and love your energy! I'm actually the largest used home dealer in Texas for the last 5 years. We sold of 153 homes in to 2015, all for cash and amazing profits. There are other ways to buy and sell mobile homes for strictly cash. I disagree with your comment that you can only sale 15% of your homes for cash. We do it 100% of them time. The key is knowing what demographics to plug into (and a few other things). I see no reason to ever deal with a buyer who needs financing or get stuck with lot rent and repairs when they vacate.
    Look me up if you ever in Texas.

  7. Hi John ! Would you help
    Me please ! Im gonna purchase a mobiehome from owner ! His sale price $32k and i agree to purchase that price But he still owe the bank $28,600 and he want to sale for me $32k , would
    You show me step by step how to make a contract with him or how do legal paper work between me and him to buy his home? I'll pay him $32k cash , i contact the landlord office and the rent is $492 month for land !

  8. $100K with $700 monthly lot rent? Wow! I'd like to connect with those kinds of buyers. I put my fully renovated 3Bd / 1.5Bd single wide in Mesa, AZ on the market for $19K about 3 weeks ago. Just reduced it to $16,900. Lot rent is only $445/mo with heated pool, rec rooms, close to shopping etc., I'm still working through the process. I'll get you my video when all is done, John. Thanks for all the info!


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