How To Wholesale Flip Houses: It’s Not That Difficult

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In this video I break down the wholesaling/Flipping Properties format. Most people make this out to be very complicated but with the right education, you can make this possible.

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  1. Hey, I loved how informational your video was. At the end of the video, you offer an opt in to receive a free pdf of the top 5 tools you use. I clicked on it, but the website could not be found! So sad! Im so very interested. would you mind sending it to me via email or telling me the new location of the pdf? it would be greatly appreciated….

  2. Hi, I am interested in real estate wholesaing. What is the best way to find motivated seller and recent cash comps? How to make sure property doesn't have tax or lien issues? How to estimate cost of repairs? Best way to find out cash buyers? How to succesfully wholesale with competition around?

  3. Can anybody PLEASE answer me this question for the love of God. Can a wholesaler do deals with a seller that is being represented by an agent? Most the houses I run into are already being handled by real estate agents.1 second ago•

  4. excellent simple overview, best I've seen yet. when using an address on the contract can you use a rented business address?

  5. I'm a wholesaler ( I dont claim to be an expert ) and this was a good overview of the basics of Wholesaling
    If the comps are $200,000 I'd offer it too the buyer for $160k( I got it under contract for 150k=10k profit)
     because they'll probably want to put 20k into it to update it
    Depends on the area of course but Buyers look too make 20-40k and up on a wholesale deal …so if you ask too much its not a good deal for them

  6. So fixing up the house and estimating rehab costs isn't one of the steps? I really want to start doing this next month.

  7. So if you make a contract with the seller, what time frame do you have of the sale to be made, also what if they just go behind your back with a different person what happens then?


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