I’m Scared That My Husband Wants To Flip Houses!


I’m Scared That My Husband Wants To Flip Houses!

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  1. Everyone is trying to better their financial situations by chasing fantasies that are either too costly or been tried by millions and therefore saturated. The quickest path to financial freedom is just avoid debts and live within your means. You may not feel rich but you will be able to sleep great at night.

  2. It's always seemed to me that the only way to be successful at wholesaling is if you have some competitive advantage that allows you to find really good deals others can't find. I heard nothing in this call that indicates her husband has that.

  3. I knew a guy who thought that he would flip houses. He bought a house then cleaned it out and then started into renovations. He ended up gutting the whole thing and rebuilding it. It took him years and cost way more than the increased value on the house.

  4. To me flipping houses is easy but I've been in the construction industry my entire life. Three ways I see people fail are buying at the wrong price, inaccurate budget, and choosing the wrong materials.

  5. Kinda funny how “flipping houses” was never mentioned in the conversation yet it’s portrayed that there’s fear over flipping houses. It’s about wholesaling houses not flipping.

  6. Easier said than done, especially in this real estate market. You'll find that it's very difficult to find wholesale properties in a seller's market…

  7. Flipping houses is too much work for me. I would rather invest in quality stocks that pay an increasing dividend every quarter.


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