Learn How to Flip Houses in Maryland. Dominion Mentoring.


http://DominionMentoring.com Do you want to learn how to flip houses for big paydays? Do you want to learn how to own rentals for the long term?

Don’t waste your money on an out of town Gurus! Don’t be swayed by sales pitches at the “free” real estate seminars you see advertised on late night infomercials and radio ads.

With those companies, you get books, online videos, and a long-distance phone coach.

With us, you get a local REAL ESTATE INVESTOR with over a decades of experience – who will be with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY…right there in the trenches as you do actual deals!

The Dominion Group owns 570 houses in Baltimore City with a 93.5% occupancy rate. We flip 75-100 houses per year. Do you think you could learn from us?

Our students DO DEALS! They earn while they learn. With DominionMentoring you are going to do deals! Period.

Check us out at http://DominionMentoring.com to see if you qualify. We are looking for a handful of well-qualified students who want to learn how to invest in real estate.


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