Mark Cuban Visits The Dave Ramsey Show – Part One


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  1. So Cuban is wrong about colleges raising tuition. Public unis are regulated by states and are not able to raise tuition beyond a state set percentage unless they want to lose state funding, which they don't. Private colleges are different but not public.

  2. If the demand is down for apartment rentals from millenials due to student loans, it isn't reflected in the actual price of the rentals which up go up 4% per year on average in every city. The private debt market has nothing to do with the real estate market. This is why private colleges go bankrupt. People are not an investment in the same way as an etf, the payoff is generational over a really long undefined term. Knowing that, college debt should be easily solvable by extending the maturity date on the loans rather than what these two would like which would be only for profit Trump University's that go out of business so your school doesn't even exist 5 or 10 years later. We are in the process now where the cult of conservative Austrian economics is eating away at America like a termite infestation; soon China will overtake us as the reserve currency;and we will be like a collapsing far right Germany.

  3. I think that college students should pay 5% of their student loans while studying if they want to continue getting money.

  4. Its 2018. Hopefully that student loan bubble doesnt pop anytime soon. Im Going part time in college and will probably graduate in 5-6 years.

  5. So how are you supposed to get a degree? Who will pay for your college? If you have a dad like Cuban dad then he won't have enough to pay for you college. Then basically you have a very high risk of having to work hard and be on the poor tier the rest of your life like his dad

  6. I want to be rich not normal rich people aren’t normal as a rule, I’m 25 just graduating 2.8 gpa UNO accounting degree I want to save up and open my own business that’s the most common way to millionaires

  7. I love Marks winning attitude. “29 teams tied for last” That’s the mindset needed for his level of success.

  8. he is popular for what —-money is only one way to view life —driven to love others is my bag –money will come —selling garbage bags ===oh pleeeessse

  9. It's funny to see this interview just now. I have always respected Dave… and Mark I have quoted more than once. I'm happy to see ya'll sat down together ..makes sense you two get along.

  10. yes the student loan bubble is mirroring the housing bubble. lots of credit, tons of buying driving up prices, colleges popping up everywhere probably building buildings on credit paid for by credit, Giving people loans that probably arent qualified for college. the scary thing is there is no bankruptcy outta this one. Even scarier when a politician gets voted in who promises to wipe the debts clean (bailout). my prediction is that on 10-15 years college will be half the price it is now and 50% of the colleges that are here today will be gone.


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