Mark Whitten Talks Strategies To Invest In Real Estate & Flipping Houses


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  1. this get 47k but a b rated athlete Shumpert gets 360k views . This is why black people are behind on the wealth wheel

  2. I want to try this out…so how would it go if say the buyer is selling a house for 100k and sign off my contract to someone for 150k and when its time to meet for the deal the seller finds out I'm making 50k profit off there house and wonder well if he making a 50k profit why not try and sell my home for 150k and backs out the deal? Hopefully that makes sense

  3. Rule of thumb make sure the owner who selling is okay with YOU potentially making a profit off this so when they close they dnt feel like they been shafted so either let them know up front or have a disclosure on the contract stating the seller okay with it or can't back snake there way into ur assignment fee by having the title company omit your assignment of note fee

  4. The whole time he talked I was like "this dude gotta be from Baltimore with that accent" and at the very end he shouts out Bmore lmao…y'all accent gets on my nerves lol

  5. @Mark Quick question on your scenario between Envy and Angela

    Why would envy pay 2 million to you for a house that only appraises for 1 million

    And all the comps show 1 million or a little more.

    I get the full concept on what you’re saying you basically become the middle man and do all the leg work which is fine

    And try to find that buyer that will pay more for the property because you’re actually using Angela’s cash/Loan and credit to buy the house.

    But what makes a buyer want to pay more for a property that’s not appraising for that amount?


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