Mark Whitten teaches in Las Vegas How to Flip Houses

Real Estate Investor, National Speaker, Author & Coach Mark Whitten teaches 3 Day Intensive House Flipping Training & Bus Tour in Las Vegas, NV June 7th-9th. Learn How to Flip Houses using little to NO CASH & NO CREDIT!! REGISTER TODAY!!!


  1. This man is the real deal, he meant he negotiated the price of the house for 35k, he didnt pay 35k, do your research this is the real deal!

  2. Lol how is he going to say little to no money, but then say he invested 35k… um damn I didn't know everyone had 35k just to throw around.

  3. Haters gone hate. The dude that commented below doesn't know what he is talking about. Do your research before you talk dumbass!

  4. Its all a pyramid scheme. He brings in 100 ppl lets say and those 100 bring 2 ppl each making it 200 ppl under him. Those 200 bring 2 ppl making 400 ppl under him and so on. You will never get as rich as him or the next Guy.


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