Real Estate Expert Mark Whitten shows how to Flip Houses


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  1. The real estate market is flooded with wannabe investors and creating a problem for the few actual investors due to all this information, it used to be a lot more profitable until all these Webuyhouses guys started putting up signs, very little room to make money and a lot of sitting back time waiting for leads, these guys need to stop sharing this information otherwise they will dig their own hole.

  2. can a person buy properties and just rent them out verses continuously looking for the next buy? and how will the person rehab the place with no work crew standing behind them?

  3. Dude thats a great strategy!!! You've opened my eyes to a whole new way of wholesaling. Thank you!!! Great advice!!! Keep the videos coming.

  4. I don't get it! how to pay the owner of the property I get you're making a profit but , did I skip something, with no money how and why does owner -seller of home gets paid?????

  5. plug after plug. Listen im not made at your hussle. However, it's clear to us buying your book will help your pockets, much quicker than the personal sales your doing on flipping homes.

  6. Hi Mark, I just want to thank you for posting all of your very informative videos on wholesaling. I took a course with someone else for which I paid $5,000 and still did not have the confidence to go forward and flip houses. After viewing your videos; I now have the confidence that I need. Thanks again and be blessed. I can see that you are truly concerned about others.
    Pastor Sherri Black

  7. What's up mark…I plan to use your program as well as your friends program "Juan zayas" I saw you track him down once before but it seems virtually impossible to do so because he's always doing videos but leaves no contact info….could you help me

  8. Wassup Mark…this Rich from Philly …yo I'm gone making my 1st offer next…yo listen to this guy and TAKE GOOD NOTES!!..And take action he's the real deal!!


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