Rehabbing 101 – How To Flip Houses For Huge Paydays (Clever Investor)


Cody Sperber a.k.a The Clever Investor Shares Some His Best Renovation Tips In This Content Packed Training Class He Did On Periscope!

Want to learn how to flip houses like the people you see on T.V.?

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you cracked the real estate code and became a real estate mogul?

The lifestyle is amazing and the ways you can give back to your family and community are priceless.

Get your paper and pen because in this video Cody Sperber holds nothing back. Watch as he breaks down the entire rehabbing process in great detail and shares some of his best renovation tips.

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  1. I love it when people share knowledge! I'm 17 and I've been a Entrepreneur the past 6 years. I've been trading penny stocks on the stock market the past two years and I've been interested in the housing market the past couple months. Keep up the good work man!

  2. Hey Cody, love all the content that you have out there on social media, looking forward to future videos and insights in the 'flippin' Real estate game! God bless!! This video has awesome rehabbing value!

  3. Honestly this was the most informative and helpful video about real estate investing. I am 21 years old and for the past 2 years I have been trying to get into Real Estate investing. I am in online RE school and was working 3 jobs. Recently I got a job at a GC and have been working door to door sales. I now have 2 jobs but I want to stop them both and make real estate investing my full time career and possibly even start up my own GC company. You and this video made me feel like I can do it. I dont have to keep waiting I can leverage and take chances and just start. Take that first leap towards success. The tips you gave I am going to use in my first deal once I find it and I am going to try to use my relationship with my employing GC to start up my first project. I am motivated and am tired of living paycheck to paycheck I think everyone is. The question I asked myself is when am I going to take a risk and jump. That is NOW, and coming soon. No more excuses. I am going to start my Real Estate Investing Empire down here in Orlando FL, house by house.

  4. Cody has introduced me to the world of real estate. I've learn so much. Great information.
    Getting into the business would help my family so much. I'd love to learn even more from Clever Investor.
    Thank you for everything you do Cody!

  5. Damn Cody! You killed it with this video! This basically showed all the flaws that I had about RE investing, this will help me big time with the projects that am doing right now! It's Amazing you basically answer all the questions I had! haha and BTW great website I love the upgrade! I am looking up on reading that book! Keep it up man you changing lots of lives!

  6. I started your program a couple of months ago in CT and I flipped a house and have one under contract. I'm learning alot from you Cody. Thanks!

  7. As a mentor of mine once told me:

    "Life is a huge banquet in which most people are starving."

    They shiver in hunger.

    They salivate in defeat.

    They watch with regret.


    Because they continue to wait and wait for the "perfect" and
    the "right moment", to do something, even though they know
    deep down that there won't be one.

    I'd love to tell you how Clever Investor has helped my business generate millions, multi million or even billion dollar profits. Unfortunately I currently work at a nine to five saving to be able to trade money for money or something that is equally valuable. I feel deep down trading time for money is the worst. Thank you for all the free content you put out and for inspiring me to strive for greatness! @Ericvel36

  8. Cody,

    I came across your site clever investor a few months ago. I liked what I saw and sign up for the Fastrack training. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me jump start my real estate business. I took massive action on what you taught , followed your instructions and began getting leads and making offers.

    . I also attended the Clever Summit this year. It was AWESOME there was so much knowledge being shared and Joseph was great he really helped with mindset. Anywat afterwards I started hitting it hard and I finally secured deal. I found a buyer and all contracts are at title company should close next week.

    I want to thank you because your no nonsense, no fluff training has made it possible for me to envision a bright future. I wholeheartedly feel like I will be able to offer more to my family than just existing. As of today I see my life changing and it was because of your honest commitment to helping people like me break into the real estate investing game.

    Thanks Again

  9. Your 6 step educational videos have helped me increase my conversion rate like crazy while I was wholesaling houses. There were so many small pieces that I was missing, but after watching and studying your videos. I have implemented those in my business. After watching this video, I will now have a better understanding picking out the best deals out of my list instead of wholesaling them. I have been doing a few rehabs but after studying this video I will have more confidence in my process. Excited to go out there and implement these 5 steps on my next rehab.

  10. Hi Cody, I don't do this to just win prises, but I do this because I want the other "young cats" as you call us to know that I was sitting one night with my fingers in my hair, in tears not knowing what I must or can do to make an extra buck. So I googled HGTV and many other flip & flop sites and out of the blue I got an email that said "CleverInvester." I looked at my screen and thought what in the world is this now? Well, like a kitten out of curiosity I clicked on the link and start watching the training video or introduction of what you are doing. I was hooked! I did my training and my fear of math disappeared. I wish you were here to see my expressions as well as the other members. It was wild, it was wild because for the first time in my 37 years that I am alive you & Josh Altman helped me to find my purpose in life. You have giving me the opportunity to live again. Brother, you have been down that road. So, you know everything about struggling with your wife over money and buying into something that is almost too good to be true. I did it! Yessss I have done everything step by step as you have explained it and guess what? In your last video session you said "go to Home Depot and get a credit card from pro right? So, this morning I took a wild wild chance knowing I will not qualify for a Pro Home Depot Credit Card. I just knew I am not good enough. Here is what happened. Let me ask you, what do you think happened Cody? No, sorry it is not it brother. IT'S EVEN BETTER YESSS, I signed up and qualified for $500 and on top of that because of your amazing freaking awesome training, shit man, I can't describe in words, as I finished off with my credit at pro desk, I saw this dude in the corner of my eye sitting on the stool ready to check out, but he had a credit pro card in front of him. Dee, the lady that helped me to get my credit card know this guy and and he is a freaking Project Contractor. What??? Yes, Cody according to Dee, she said that he is truly the best we have and come in to our store and spend 100ds of thousands of $$$$ every week. I got his business card and I not only got my Pro Credit but an awesome power team member!! All glory to God and that God brought me from a broken point to an awesome super amazing opportunity to learn how to buy, sell, flip and everything in between from the BEST GUY Cody Sperber that is willing to share his knowledge and superpowers with us! With people he, the Cody Sperber never even met before. My man, God has blessed me soooo much by giving me Shawn Best to you so that you can help me become successful in life. I have tears right now because of relieve and excitement to partner with you and CleverInvestor! I am so grateful to be a part of this! To your wife, kids and family GALE & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are doing what you are doing!! If it was not for you and this amazing training, God knows where I would have end up! Much love Shawn & Gale Best xxx

  11. Love following your videos. You are an inspiration & always help me get pumped up on real estate. Keep up the good work brother!

  12. I'm not even in real estate YET but what you need to know is that I love sales. This video gave me a huge base so that I can build my wealth house on top of it.

    I love what you are doing bro and genuinely look up to your hustle.

    Thanks Cody, huge knowledge bombs where dropped during this video looking towards entering the real estate space & connecting with you.

    Be Great


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