The Neighbor’s House Flip before and after


Here’s the complete start to finish slideshow of our house flip called “The Neighbor’s House.” We called it this because previously we flipped the house right next door (see Hat Trick House on my channel This is a historic Craftsman bungalow. We renovated the entire main house which started as a 2/1 adding an additional 700 square feet and master suite making it a 3/2. To see more house flipping videos and get real estate investing tips check out our blog at


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  2. My personal preference is NO GRAY! Especially in kitchens. It's a color scheme that will soon be out of style, plus it's cold and depressing, and few other colors go well with it. Otherwise, lovely cottage.

  3. They put a lot of work into that I hope they made some money at least. Not sure why they didn't cut that giant tree down though that could crush that new edition LOL

  4. Texas deals with the occasional hurricane. Leaving that tree to lean over the new addition was stupid. Just cut it down. Not to mention it completely throws off that patio. So many good ideas in this remodel and you leave that insurance liability looming over the project haha.

  5. "Flip" implies a sleazy "buy it one day, sell it the next" situation. This is different. You did a thoughtful renovation, and did it right. It's more than just a flip.


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