The Pros And Cons To Flipping Hood Houses



  1. No way in the world, squatters will just be squatting while someone is recording in their direction. I understand you wanted them to play the role to get your point across but you can just speak on it. It looks super fake and now can't trust you or you knowledge. Lol

  2. 1. car has no registration
    2. you lying about being on the call
    3. your dress code is for convincing us that you are a successful investor 🙂

  3. its worth 10k because it probably needs over 30k in rehab to make a reasonable profit….but yes in the hood you can get cheap deals like that, its no lie.

  4. If I was rich id buy the whole damn neighborhood, kick all those fools off the block, and give each house for cheap as hell on a rent to own basis to hard working families getting on their feet under the condition that they keep the place up and looking decent and commit no crimes.

  5. I'm trying to enjoy your video but its I can't. here's a tip bro, if you are making money or you claim you rich why don't you get better audio because I''m having difficulty hearing what your saying bro. it sounds like a tornado is coming your way. many of your videos has bad audio. I respect your hustle but please get better audio.


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