The Ugly Truth About Flip This House And Other Real Estate Reality Shows.


In this video I go over the ugly truth about flip this house and all of the other house flipping reality shows. For more videos subscribe to this channel and for a free copy of my book The Real Estate Investors Guide To Guerrilla Marketing go to


  1. A lot of people that try to get into the business lose money. I lost money the first time I tried to be a landlord. I''ve bought homes from investors that don't know how to manage homes. It's eye-opening to go to a closing and see that the taxes or water bill haven't been paid in years. You really have to be tough with people in the landlording business, and pick people that can afford the rent. I know this is about flipping, just saying.. You don't hear the downsides on TV.

  2. I think as far as flipping houses go to me it would make more sense to live in a place as you fix it up, because you need to put a lot of time and thought into what are the best ideas.

  3. We bought a house to flip back in 2003 and it was a nightmare. 3 buyers backed out, and we didn't sell it until 11 months later, which meant 11 months of making the mortgage payment.

  4. i know what you mean! i worked in hospitals for 21 years, drove an ambulance, analyzed med charts, was a lab assistant,  registered patients in e/r, etc. Every time i watch an e/r show or hospital drama such as Chicago med, i am once again amazed how the entertainment industry is blissfully unaware that UNTIL a patient is actually registered & has sat in the hall bleeding to death on their gurney that then, & ONLY then, will they provide care. all i can say is if you're in need of 911 help & the hospital ignores you, call 911 & the ambulance crew will at least keep them alive until u go to another hospital of YOUR CHOICE! good luck.

  5. hey Scott I'm 25 married with 2 kids and want to get into buying and selling / renting homes do you think I should get my real estate license now or just find a good realtor to start and do you have any good tips for getting started like the best way to get cheep homes ie. banks foreclosure websites?

  6. Hi Scott, I want to know what you think about the property management companies , their pros and cons and when you need them. You should make a video about it some time.


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