The Work Sequence When Flipping Houses From Start to Finish


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There’s a sequence of events you should follow with fixing & flipping real estate. In this episode, you’ll learn what order work should be completed from start to finish.

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  1. This was AWESOME man. Thank u so much for your videos. I'm proof that your videos are very beneficial to the public. The LA again

  2. Great Topic, just what i needed. Thank you. But what about multifamily rehabs.

    What order would you sequence this? There is an old motel I would like to buy. It was turned into 12 one bedroom apartments. It is one long building. 12 apartments in a row. I want to rehab the 6 units in series first, starting on the right. Then do the other 6 on the other side once the previous 6 units are all rented.

    Parking lot is gravel and needs to be paved with black top tar. Windows need to be replaced. Roof is new. All siding needs to be replaced. All front and back doors need to be replaced. The building currently has 6 tenants in it and there are all kinds of wiring from cable and satelite dishes everywhere and many are not even used from years of new installations. it's a mess.

    When should I do the siding?

    I was thinking do:
    1. parking lot first because of all the gravel dust and digging, then tar
    2. Then do Windows
    3. Interior Demolition next
    4. Then Hang new doors
    5. Electric, gas pipes, plumbing
    6. Run Exterior Exterior Electric Wiring
    7. Drywall
    8. Paint Walls
    9. Hang Pre-hung Interior Doors
    9. Cut Trim/Pain Trim/Hang Trim
    10. Cabinets
    11. Floors
    12. Demolition Exterior Siding
    13. Install Exterior Electric Boxes
    12. Then put new Aluminum Siding whole building…. Last ?????

    Is this the order you would do it in? If not what order would you do it in (and why if possible.)


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