Understanding the House Flipping Buy Formula with Jerry Norton


As the nation’s leading expert when it comes to flipping houses and commercial properties, check out Jerry’s latest tip, strategy, technique and/or just a darn good idea that will help you flip more deals and make more money. To learn more go to: http://www.FlippingMastery.com


  1. I've heard that taxes are very high for house flipping. Why not add the TAXES to this formula in order to know your REAL profit??

  2. I have done two flips, both were successful. Even though they took a lot more time than I expected I sold them at target price and loved doing it! NOW I am struggling to find properties, especially at the prices you are talking about in this vid. I have an investor lined up, how do I find properties?

  3. so when I buy a property I have to pay closing costs as well. I thought the seller paid the closing cost for their property. please verify. and if so, this formula accounts for me paying closing costs for buying and selling? please verify. Thank you


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