Walkthrough of a House Bought on Auction | How We Will Flip It.



We go for a walk through of a property after we bought the house through auction. I discuss what work needs to be done, from a new roof and a kitchen remodel to simply needing to power wash the garage. Please feel free to comment and like the video… and more importantly comment on what you need to know that is holding you back so I know how to help you.


  1. Great info. Mark! One question, did you ever used the Flip Your First House Deal Analyzer? Do you think it's a good tool?

  2. I live in the same city. I've been wanting to do some real estate investing. I've read a book on it. But a book only does so much. Not sure if you're willing to teach people who live in your backyard. Awesome videos like how you are down to earth!

  3. Would love a course! Just found your channel and love your videos. I've been wanting to get into this business and your videos give great advice. Keep it up!

  4. definitely interested in any courses you come out with. love your stuff. i am going to do this flipping thing. sick of my low pay job. mostly sick of watching my poor wife struggling with her low pay. 3rd shift crap job. working to pay for horrible insurance raping us. sorry.carried away. keep up the good work.


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