We Decided To Flip Houses After Going Broke


We Decided To Flip Houses After Going Broke

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  1. Let me get this straight, they've got $70K in debt and want to have another child and pay $4800 for IVF. Wow! how many more bad decisions is this couple going to make?

  2. Very few people I know can make ok money flipping houses. Most don't make what they hoped. The ones who have been successful have done the following. They find a home worth about $160,000 They make an offer for $130,000 cash or pay that week. They get some sellers to bite. Instantly they had a home worth $30,000 more than they paid. They fix them up a little put $10,000 or so into it….. They then sell that home and profit $40-50k dependant on the type of repairs they did. That's what most people I have met that flip houses do and are successful with it.

  3. Why do so many of these callers have wives that stay home? I don’t get it and this lady wants another child? I don’t get it.

  4. The thing I noticed was the giggling from this woman as if it was funny!
    This is no joke lady, you need to start acting maturely and get a plan in place to sort your finances out.
    Also, no more children, you need to think long term and what future awaits these poor souls that didn't ask to come into existence.
    As soon as your kids are in school, get back into the work force and contribute to the family, instead of placing all the burden onto your Husband, otherwise I fear he will eventually get burnt out and become resentful.

  5. surprised Dave suggested they proceed with IVF. Also wrong on the credit card. Make minimum payments, sell rental house, pay off credit cards. She get P/T work from home.

  6. $500k in houses and $70k in CC debt. Both idiots. $500 a month car payment.

    $70k to a course to be idiots as well.

    Of course she isn’t gonna bother working. Just spends all his money

  7. Sell the 4runner or have them come get it. Forget credit cards and a third baby at least for now. Think twice about selling the rental because you may have so much in taxes that there's no benefit and if it's a positive cash flow try to keep it. Your own home is a liability so maybe something smaller

  8. I can be stupid but 2vpeople spent 70 thousand necs use they were asked, ooh you FEEL special now,and give them 70 thousand you could have spend that on granite countertops and put it into your home. They do that with kids oohthese kids were asked to be models so yoir special now pay us scam

  9. How can these people not have a good life on 80k a year. Phoenix Arizona is cheap! Electricity is cheap, mortgages are cheap and everything is cheap. I have a mortgage of 180k and always have money on the side. This lady probably has expensive taste and should get a job.


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