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  1. Sir, the title of this video is "Never buy a fix and flip…" Some of us would take great offense to you attacking our trade based on some experience created by one person's shoddy work and lack of pride. I could very easily state "Never Hire a Handyman…" Because the industry is loaded with rip off artists with hammers. I watch and appreciate your informative videos and am able to incorporate a lot of what you share into my work. You obviously care about your work. So do I. I do not sell shoddy work. I take run down houses and fix them better than 90% of what any diy home owner could or would ever do. So when a customer buys one of my houses they are getting a nearly new home with solid quality built in and all the major problems are eliminated for them. Compare that to most homes who are sold by homeowners who can't tighten a bolt and didn't address any issues for many years. So for those of us who take pride in our work in all areas of the building industry, including you and yours, can we refrain from applying public, blanket, negative declarations against an entire trade / business model ? Thanks.

  2. Your home sale without permits statements apply to SE PA, also. Only one municipality tries to go through every home sold. They admit in the letter to the unlucky few they do inspect, only see about 4% of the homes sold. One customer called crying. Had to upgrade electric service and line chimney or sale would be blocked. In the end the buyer paid half so it wasn't so bad for the seller.

  3. Watching that toilet smash was so satisfying. A video on home inspectors would be a good topic. My first house I bought years ago I didn't and don't regret not doing so, I am knowledgeable on a few things. My current house I hired one just because of the price I was paying for it wanted a second set of eyes to catch what I didn't. I knew what they were ablout going into it. On the one had it was cool for a fresh pair of eyes to go through the house with me. On the other hand he didn't he didn't dive to far into stuff. Like for example they mostly only test stuff for function that it in working order rather than if it to any kind of code or not.

  4. Yes, thats correct most people who fix and flip will need to reduce the cost of labor in order to flip the property. Thats how they make a living, but sometimes they dont always do a complete job.

  5. I dont understand why you do not buy a fix and flip yourself, with your skill set it would be an easy project with a great end product.. good money for you..???? that dump was crazy, if I took that load to our local refuge center in Ireland I would have to sort all materials out.. skip for wood,glass electrical, plastic and so on..

  6. Here there are no Gov't inspections on any type of home sale. With exception of pvt home inspectors. Any structural change to a home requires a permit. This does not mean that everyone gets a permit. Once a job has a permit an electrical and plumbing inspection is done. There are 2 counties each has its own rules they will assign the license. The towns generally issue the permit. A village within a town issues permits. Some towns also will require their license in some cases especially for electric or plumbing. While some towns may require a contractor license. these licences are in addition to the county license. Oh boy now I'm tired. There are more rules but that is the general idea here.

  7. House flippers are the scum of the earth. In the future, when you turn down a job, put a notation on the address so you remember it's not a job for you and you can tell them to take a hike.

  8. How do you price a job? I have gone to HomeWyse.com and used the prices to quote my jobs (usually using low to mid pricing). However, recently I had several costumer come back to me stating that I am about 3 times higher than if they called a specialist in that field (painting, flooring, drywall).

  9. The funniest thing to me was my Dad built a patio and shed off the house without a permit. He did everything to code when he built it but then 10 years later when they sold the house it wasn't up to code and obviously didn't get grandfathered in. It didn't hurt the sale though just a Nick on the price.

  10. Huh. Interesting. I wonder, is there a way that you're able to find out if work is permitted/inspected on a house you are looking to buy? Do you just ask the municipality or county?


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