3 Mental Tricks To Reduce Your Fear of Public Speaking


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Dan “The Man” Lok, a multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur, and an international best-selling author. Dan is considered the world’s leading expert in internet marketing and is referred to by many as the “Millionaire Mentor.”

In fact, if you Google “Dan Lok”, you’ll see his name is all over 1,000,000 web pages! (ONE MILLION)

Companies under his leadership generate more than $18+ million in sales a year, and tens of millions of dollars in revenue in the last few years.

Dan is one of the rare keynote speakers and business consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures.

Visit http://danlok.com for his latest blogs, news, tips, podcast, and where to catch him LIVE!

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  1. U deserve every bit of your success DAN! It is obvious that u have mastered all aspects of your inhibitions. I aspire to become the same. Thanks again…

  2. OH MY GOD that helped me sooo much, I'm at school and gt anxiety whenever the teacher asks me a question my voice cracks and I get so nervous! 🙁

  3. wow thanks for asking, I was nervous at first, but as it progressed it got easier, after the service people said I did good, they could tell I was nervous at first, I prayed God would take the fear away,, and got in the zone of I've got something to share and focused on the message I had in me, and I believe I did Ok, 🙂

  4. WOW, I've been ask to open our Sundays service; I agreed but I terribly introverted; I know I've got alott to say but anxiety and fear always scream at me, I appreciate your lesson and I will take this and put it into action; thank you so much, 🙂

  5. When you speak in front of people…don't make it about you, it's about the audience

    It's exactly what I said before I started watching this but I definitely learned more here!! Thank you !!

  6. @Dan Lok, I love you, I have missed so much in life just being afraid of public, now I feel totally foolish. I would really like to meet you one day through my public speaking, also donate something to your work, Chivalrous, Resplendent Visage, Thank you again.


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