5 tips for impressive Public Speaking – Speak with confidence | Personality Development


5 tips for impressive Public Speaking – Speak with confidence | Personality Development

5 tips for impressive Public Speaking – Speak with confidence

Public speaking is a challenge and it has to be accepted. We all have that moment during speaking in public on the stage and we go blank. Have you had one of those moments at your public speaking stints? Well, I have certainly. Speaking in front of the crowd means, having to go through sleepless nights, nervousness, deadlines and many rounds to the toilet. Stay tuned as I share some public speaking tips to help you understand the mistake that you have been committing all this while.

#1 How Vs What

There is an age-old saying, “A good speech is like a pencil, it has to have a point.” For this very purpose, you might sit the entire week to frame the right points by adding on flowery words to make it look good. You might also make sufficient power point presentations adding graphics to them. The majority of your time would be spent on preparing the content for the event. But what we miss out is “How to say it?” Yes, we stress so much time on “what to say?” and very little time on “How to say?”

#2 Connect better with a positive impression

First and foremost, it is important that we not only make a lasting impression but make a positive one. Apart from humour, It’s important to look at your audience. Don’t keep your eyes fixed on a spot, rather watch across the hall making meaningful eye contact. This will Help you connect better with your audience. There is no better way of explaining a point than using examples from daily life or existing stories. Examples help to relate to the topic much better than anything else.

#3 The crucial first 90 seconds:

The start of your speech is extremely important. Walk in smartly, lay your notes on the podium, look up, keep your chin high and greet them with a smile. Make them believe that you know what you are doing. It always gives one comfort when the other one has everything under control. Be that person! The best way to capture attention is to think about a clear and strong phrase that people could relate to.

#4. Don’t stand like you sit

Unfortunately, as human beings, we stand like we sit, which is horrible. Never has a person who has dragged himself on the stage slouching, attracted people. You know what; most of us don’t realise that much of our confidence depends on the placement of our chin. Too high gives off an attitude of arrogance, while too low tells people you’re nervous.

You must observe yourself in front of the mirror by exploring different angles until you find the most appropriate one.

#5. Don’ts for Public Speaking

Look down or off into space (make meaningful eye contact)
Begin speaking before you’ve reached the front of the room
Play with your hair (facial or on top of your head)
Lean on one hip
Point with a finger (use an open palm)
Fold your arms
Cross your legs
Sway from side to side
Turn your back to the audience
I hope these public speaking tips have benefited you. To top it all nothing can be achieved without confidence before anything else work on that. Cheers!


  1. Hi, i want to learn public speaking i understood each and every words but i can't reply those words and if i was infront of mass then i got lots of fear i can't found my words and i can't pronounce words properly what i was speaking infront of mass so please gave much information about it how i can make my presentation better infront of mass??

  2. Hello! this video is about how to speak with confident not on how to speak good English, can you please concentrate on the good and avoid criticize. Thank you for the video Michelle God bless you


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