5 Tips For Public Speaking – For beginners!


Public speaking can be really daunting so here are 5 tips that I’ve found really helpful for delivering talks. I’ve run through the tips and then go into them in a little more depth at the end of the video so really hope this helps!
If you have any questions or tips from you please leave them in the comments below and good luck with any talks you have!
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  1. Speech is tough. Im so stressed out when I have to give an oral presentation. Even when I practice, my hands shake while reading the paper.

  2. awww… i love your introduction saying that "despite being introvert by nature" <3 it totally resembles me…i'm a bit introvert and a social shy but i had to come up from my shell as my requirement now is to be outspoken and good in public speaking especially when taking the medical course.

  3. Before going to deliver my first English lecture I got the video. I don`t know how better I can deliver, hoping for best, and thanks anyway.

  4. Hello thanks for the great tips & advice. I'm completely new at this public speaking thing, this so not me, but i like the fact that gave us a view of your notes or outline but for me its a little hard to follow, so I guess my question would be is could you post a video of you presentation & maybe a link of the notes so the ones that have no clue to public speaking (as myself)can follow.



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