6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience


6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience
Public speaking is hard. We all know it. But if you master a few basic public speaking tips and techniques, you can absolutely hook any audience. https://goo.gl/IpBEnO

In this video you’ll get the public speaking training to hook an audience n 30 seconds. The public speaking skills to tell stories that have people hanging on every word. And the techniques to nail a finale that moves people to action.

Public speaking shakes a lot of people’s confidence, but if you use these tips and techniques, you’ll be on your way to giving presentations that TED would be proud of 🙂

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  1. Are the giggles in your speech a 'trick' as well? Sounds a bit awkward now that I keep noticing it.. "talking about macro-economics", "he goes back full circle"

  2. I’d to
    See you break down a rapper named j coles interview with Angie Martinez , I️ think the way he communicated his points were charismatic and efficient

  3. "Yet, if I pulled a Snickers bar, nobody would have said anything" – well yeah diabetes is a personal choice, while second hand smoking can be passed onto others.


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